Flagler College

A legacy of exploration

Flagler College welcomes you to historic St. Augustine–a city of firsts that continues to attract explorers, innovators and entrepreneurs to its shores, just as it did Ponce de Leon and, more recently, Henry M. Flagler.

To understand what makes Flagler College different, you must first get to know a bit about Henry M. Flagler. An industrialist, philanthropist and railroad pioneer, Flagler was also a visionary and an innovator. He saw Florida’s potential and is credited with building much of the Florida coast, one luxury hotel after another, and making it the vacation destination it continues to be today.

Flagler’s legacy is alive and well in the intricate woodwork, marble mosaics and soaring rotunda of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon, which he built in 1888 and serves as the centerpiece for Flagler College.

The journey of a lifetime

At Flagler, we value the spirit of exploration and encourage our students to step out of their comfort zones and stretch themselves. We are looking for the next generation of explorers who believe that college is not the end but the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Are you ready to think beyond the boundaries of classroom walls? Are you hungry to do work that matters? Are you curious to discover what’s next? Flagler College welcomes you to a culture of exploration where you can dabble and dive in and discover lots of new things–and find yourself in the process.

Never stop exploring

Bring your sense of adventure. Pack your tenacity. Harness your passion to make a difference. Flagler College will reward you with the critical-thinking skills you need to navigate the challenges ahead and the confidence to blaze your own trail long after graduation.

You can choose from 31 majors, 37 minors and two pre-professional programs. But at Flagler College your degree is just the beginning of a lifetime of learning, growing and discovering.